prima nocta
Prima Nocta
Folk Metal Band

During one of our recent performances, our van was broken into and some musical instruments and all personal belongings and laptops were stolen. Unfortunately, our recent recordings for the new CD are also gone. The insurance unfortunately does not cover theft, and this is a significant financial blow for our band members.

Therefore, it would greatly help us if we could count on a small financial contribution through the link below:


Listen or buy our Flag of the Greenman CD (2021) on iTunes and CDBaby

Listen or buy our Lost in Time CD (2017) on Spotify

Listen or buy our Nocturnal Dawn CD (2015) on CDBaby

Listen or buy our Moonshine CD (2013) on CDBaby

Buy our Haurne Hrops CD (2011) on webshop

Buy our Impec CD (2009) on our webshop

Or listen to these short versions of a couple of songs from our latest album “Lost in Time”.

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